9 Days Pakistan Tour Package to Skardu Via Naran Kaghan tour


9 days Pakistan tour package to Skardu via Naran Kaghan tour (Delux Package)

9-day Pakistan Tour package adventure begins in Islamabad, the capital city, where you'll be embraced by the modern charm and historical richness of the region. From there, you’ll venture north into the heart of the Baltistan region, soaking in the breathtaking beauty of Kaghan and Naran Valleys, and experiencing an elevation of over 4000m at Babusar Pass. As you travel through the Indus Valley, you'll witness the awe-inspiring mountains, meadows, and forests of Skardu, as well as the ancient heritage of Shigar and Khaplu. This Pakistan trip allows you to explore the wonders of nature and immerse yourself in the local culture.


Day 1: Arrive in Islamabad Upon arrival in Islamabad, take a guided tour of the modern city, including visits to the Pakistan Monument, Faisal Mosque, and Shakar Parian National Park. Rest at the Hotel Rawalpindi / Islamabad.

Day 2: Islamabad – Chilas Journey northwards, passing through the Hazara Motorway and Kaghan Valley, culminating in a stay at the luxurious Shangrila Hotel in Chilas.

Day 3: Chilas – Skardu Travel along the Indus Valley to reach Skardu, where you'll enjoy the tranquil waters of Lower Kachura Lake and spend the night at the Shangrila lake to enjoy Shangrila Skardu tour.

Day 4: Kachura Lake and Soq Valley Excursion
Explore the enchanting Lower and Upper Kachura Lakes, followed by a visit to the picturesque Soq Valley during Skardu tour.

Day 5: Basho Valley or Organic Village Excursions Venture to the breathtaking Basho Valley, or trek to the Organic Village, offering stunning landscapes and cultural immersion.

Day 6: Skardu – Astore - Rama Travel to Astore Valley, experiencing the mesmerizing Deosai Plains and the serene Rama Lake.

Day 7: Rama - Deosai Plains - Rama Delight in the natural beauty of the Deosai Plains on a Jeep safari, experiencing the splendor of this second-highest plateau in the world.

Day 8: Skardu – Shigar – Khaplu Explore the historic Shigar and Khaplu regions, known for their ancient heritage and breathtaking vistas.

Day 9: Skardu to Chilas, Chilas to Islamabad Conclude the tour with a return journey to Chilas, followed by a drive back to Islamabad, marking the end of the remarkable adventure.

Package Includes :

Hotel stay with breakfast
Kids under 10 yrs included
Extra mattress for kids
Pick drop Islamabad
Driver as guide
Jeep as per Itinerary

Lunch dinner not Included

Hotel Names :

Baltistan Continental Hotel Skardu / Mashabrum Skardu
Rock Star Naran / Sayyam Heights Naran
Shangrila Chilas or Similar

* From 1st June till 30 October, we will use Babusar Top Naran route as it remains open. On remaining days, we will use KKH Bisham route.

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